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Category:Cisco SystemsFernando Pérez de León Fernando Pérez de León (12 February 1891 – 15 December 1964) was a Spanish composer and music teacher. Biography Fernando Pérez de León was born in Madrid, and showed an early interest in music, studying the organ and piano. He was a graduate of the Madrid Conservatoire, where he studied composition with Alfonso Guevara and piano with Francisco Falcó. He later studied under the great theorist, José Asencio Flores. Pérez de León was an accomplished conductor. He conducted the Madrid Orchestra and the Spanish National Orchestra at the International Exposition in Seville, Spain, the World Exhibition of 1929. He was also a frequent collaborator with the renowned soprano, Ángela Montoya, a number of times leading her in the premieres of his works. In 1942 he was awarded the National Music Prize, which until 1995 was awarded annually to Spanish composers for an outstanding body of work. Pérez de León was also a very prolific composer. His output, spanning over thirty years, consisted of more than 400 works, many of which were composed in a modern style, but which nevertheless show a continuous development towards a more austere, neoclassical direction, becoming increasingly more tenebrific and dissonant. Compositions Symphonies Three of his symphonies were finished in 1935 and published posthumously by Universal Edition. Operas Cantata en la Semana Santa de 1939 Lo que me pide el destino esta vida Concierto para violín y orquesta Sinfonía Lamentada Concierto barroco (1929) Cantata sobre el amor Cantata de la lluvia En la cima del monte Cantata de la vida eterna Cantata de reencuentro Cantata d'homenaje a España Sonatina (1939) Violin Concerto (1942) Concertos Sinfonía en do Concierto en tríptico Concierto para violín y orquesta Serenata be359ba680

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