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Sommerkamp FT-277 Instruction Manual Eldtarc

: Professional introduction: Building an FT-277. This book provides instructions on how to build and assemble the FT-277 from the factory. The most significant feature of the FT-277 is its very low cost. With . ROD ANDREWS ; FT-277 BRUSHED. I have a FT-277 here that I bought from a seller on eBay. My hope is to be able to strip the electronics and give it back to the factory for full repairs, but first I need to know what the . Sommerkamp FT-277 is a USB transceiver, manufactured by the Sommerkamp Electronic Gmbh company in Köln, Germany. The receiver has a two-band receiver, and the transmitter has two- and three-band and and analog.The invention concerns a device for separating juice out of an extracting receptacle, in particular for separating juice out of a masticating extractor, wherein a distribution element is provided which may be inserted into the extracting receptacle, which distribution element comprises an essentially horizontal base plate and an essentially vertical conduit having a nozzle. In a known device of this type (EP-A 0 947 067) the masticating elements are suspended in a cavity on a base plate. The mixture, comprising the fruit pulp and the juice, is pressed through the nozzles and into the inner space of the cavity by means of a pump which is arranged beneath the base plate. The base plate has on its outer side at least one outlet for the juice which is brought into the outlet through a pipe. The object of the invention is to provide a device of the aforementioned type which provides the possibility of regulating, with a very simple construction, the degree of extraction of the juice out of the masticating elements of the extracting receptacle. The object is accomplished in that the base plate of the distribution element comprises at least one through-opening having a restricted cross-sectional dimension, and in that the distribution element has at least one screw element for screwing the distribution element into a locating groove which is provided in the front end of the extracting receptacle. By means of the distribution element with a through-opening the juice can be distributed into the extracting receptacle and sucked out of the through-opening. Since the juice or pulp in the pulp-contacting region is of relatively high pressure, it passes out of the through-opening. By means of the device according to the invention the channel may be ac619d1d87

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